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Inspiration and designer styles

No matter what kind of style you want to set up for your home, Home24 has whatever you need. An elegant dining table for your living room? We can arrange that. New office chairs for the workplace? It’ll be a pleasure doing business with you. A bed that you could just collapse on and let comfort carry you away? We can make your dreams come true. Want to create a more social environment with bar stools? First toast is to you.

At our site you’ll find exclusive designer furniture made with high-quality materials, either as single items or in fitting furniture sets. Just take a look through our web pages and let your imagination run wild, like a stallion in the Highlands. Whether you’re looking for a classic wooden wardrobe to fit a cottage style or a futuristic silver sideboard for the telly, there’s something to suit every theme in our selection. Whether you’re just buying a little bedside table or a complete living room furniture set, we’ll be able to give you the advice you need.

Cast some light on the situation with lamps and all kinds of lighting ideas from Home24

Have a dim view of your home at the moment? At Home24 we have a huge range of lamps and lights for all areas of the home. Whether you just need a little table lamp to read a good book or you have a room without any ceiling lights that needs a floor lamp, we can be your guiding light. We even have a number of wall lights, to turn the wall behind your sofa into an artistic vision, or bring the dimming lights of the theatre into your home cinema. With us you’ll find plenty of great lighting systems in different designs.

An amazing selection of home accessories

A fashionably designed bathroom mirror cabinet can make anyone swoon. But while that can really stand out, it won’t make your bathroom beautiful on its own. It’ll need some nice curtains, mats, soap dishes and, for a more romantic setting, candles. Our selection of accessories certainly is not limited to the bathroom however. We have clocks, pictures, kitchen utensils and even bags. With us it’s easy to deck out your home.

Garden furniture for your green fingers

As the home isn’t just indoors, Home24 also can help you fill up the backyard, or your balcony or patio, with the best in garden furniture and accessories. You can sit back and watch the sunset on one of our garden benches, or you can get yourself a tan on one of our sun loungers. As the summer is a great time for a barbecue, you can look at our wide assortment and prepare for a delicious season. We even have sheds so that you can safely store your garden furniture away in the winter months.


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